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The Dirtiest Matches of All Time (Part Two)

Continuing the series which looks at some of the most dirty and violent games of g\football ever seen. (For Part One please click here) The Battle of Santiago 1962 Chile were the hosts for the 1962 World Cup, and they were drawn in the same group as Italy. Before the meeting of the two sides on 2nd June, tensions between ...

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5 Biggest Soccer Controversies of all-time

  The hand of god Diego Maradona was a fierce competitor. He wasn’t one to let go off any opportunity to gain advantage even if it was through illegal means. And England bore the brunt of his conniving ways, when he blatantly scored with his hand in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final to give his team the lead against the ...

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Football’s Biggest Controversies – The Battle of Santiago

The 1962 World Cup match between Chile and Italy has gained notoriety for being one of the most violent and lawless football matches ever played. That entire competition was littered with disciplinary infractions, but what happened in the game between the hosts and the Italians took the indiscipline to a whole new level. The stage for the ‘battle’ was set ...

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