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Raya situation already resolved

David Raya has won this season’s Premier League Golden Glove.

The Spaniard’s clean sheet against Bournemouth was his 15th this season and he cannot be caught by any of the other contenders.

Technically, though, he is still on loan from Brentford, FFP concerns last summer meaning that the Gunners could not make the move permanent at that time.

There is an option to buy, with the price set at ₤27 million, but, when asked about it recently, Mikel Arteta was typically non-committal in nis answer, insisting that the matter would be discurred at the end of the season.

However, the reality is that the matter has been resolved internally between the two clubs and the player for a number of months now, and Raya is to all intent and purposes an Arsenal player.

And that also means that the departure of Aaron Ramsdale, the man that Raya displaced as number one at the Emirates, is almost guaranteed in the next transfer window.

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