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Chelsea top agents’ fee table

Chelsea may be heading for a midtable finish in the Premier League this season.

However, when it comes to the amounts spent on agents and intermediary fees they are in a class of their own.

In the latest figures published showing how much Premier League clubs spent on the use of such middle figures to broke transfer deals, Chelsea had by far the biggest spend of any club, the amount they paid out in the year to February 2024, in excess of ₤75 million.

That was ₤14 more than their nearest challengers in that regard, Manchester City.

There was then a sharp drop off to the third in the list, Manchester United, who spent ₤34 million, closely followed by Liverpool.

Arsenal were fifth among the Premier League clubs, having spent ₤24 million, a record for them.

In total the 20 Premier League clubs between them paid out a total of ₤409.5 million to such intermediaries.

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