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Chelsea spending upsets Premier League rivals

The way that Chelsea continue to spend money in the transfer window is alarming their Premier League rivals, some of whom are considering lodging a formal complaint that they are breaching FFP rules.

They currently state the clubs are permitted to lose £90 million over a three year period.

Since Todd Boehly and his consortium took over the club, they have spent close to £1 billion in the transfer market, and their summer spending does not seem to have stopped.

Chelsea maintain they have done nothing wrong, and will point to the accounting convention that allows them to amortise transfer fees over a five year period, whilst booking the full profit on a player sale in the period in which it occurs.

It helps that the club are not in Europe this year, because UEFA”s FFP regulations are stricter, but the model is also dependent on them qualifying for one of the competitions next season, preferably the Champions League, to help generate the necessary revenues to sustain it.

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