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More Chelsea exits likely

Although Chelsea have already seen a number of players leave the club this summer, their squsd still appears too bloated as far as manager Mauricio Pochettino is concerned.

After watching his side beat Wrexham in a pre-season friendly, Pochettino commented that there are still “too many players” and there was a need to analyse the squad to determine areas in which numbers could be reduced.

In part the exodus of players has been done in order to help the club meet FFP (Financial Fair Play) regulations.

However, it is also true that having too many players competing for a first-team squad can be damaging for morale and team spirit, because there will always be those who miss out every week.

Already 12 players have left the club since the transfer window opened, but that is unlikely to be the end of the exodus, especially if room has to be made for more incomings.

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