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The Biggest And Lucrative Shirt Sponsorship Deals In European Football, 2022

Football is one of the most watched sports around the globe which is why it generates enormous amounts of revenue from sponsorships.

Football also gives room for placing of bets, fans can place bets on their best football clubs through the use of FanDuel Sportsbook. Sponsorships are a very lucrative way for these brands and clubs to showcase their products and increase their popularity. Sponsorships could come from shirt sponsorship deals, training kits, and transportation.

Shirt sponsorship deals are a great advantage to Europe’s football clubs because it generates avenues for the clubs to sustain and expand their brands and improve their players for competitions. The larger football clubs usually attract more profitable shirt sponsorships because of their popularity.

Let’s take a closer look at European football’s biggest and most lucrative shirt sponsorships.

Real Madrid – Emirates – €70 million

Real Madrid is one of the largest football clubs in the Globe. The popularity of this club has dramatically increased their brand identity and commercial value. Due to this, they have one of the most costly shirt sponsorship deals worldwide.

They have a very lucrative deal with Emirates airlines, and they’ve had the Fly Emirates logo imprinted on their shirt for a while now. This particular deal with Emirates airlines costs about €70 million per season.

Real Madrid has dominated European football during this deal, and they’ve won 5 UEFA Champions League titles.

Paris Saint-Germain(PSG) – Qatar Airways – €65 million

Paris Saint-Germain was formerly in a contract with the French hospitality group Accor, which was a good deal, but they just started a three-year shirt sponsorship contract with Qatar Airways.

Now Qatar Airlines logo has replaced that of Accor on their shirt. The shirt deal with Qatar is slightly better than that of Accor. The deal with Qatar costs around €65 million per season for the next three years.

Barcelona – Spotify – €57.5 million

With the financial crisis and debt Barcelona is in, this deal with the giant music streaming platform Spotify could not come at a much better time.

Spotify has replaced Rakuten as Barcelona’s shirt sponsor, and its financial terms are an upgrade. Spotify’s contract with Barcelona is a four year deal. The deal is for €57.5 million per season.

Manchester City – Etihad – €55 million

Manchester city‘s biggest shirt sponsor is Etihad airlines, and Abu Dhabi owns it. Their partnership started in 2015. It has been very lengthy, and airways obtained naming rights for the city’s stadium. The deal costs €55 million per season.

Manchester United – TeamViewer – €55 million

Formerly, Manchester United were the kings of the Premier League and the commercial world. Their club still attracts money because of its size, unlike before.

After the end of their contract with Chevrolet in 2021, Manchester United is about to continue the second year of a five-year contract with a software company, Team Viewer, and the deal is worth £55 million per season.

Liverpool – Standard Chartered – €47.5 million

Liverpool shirt sponsorship deal is with the British financial firm Standard Chartered. Standard Chartered has been Liverpool’s official shirt sponsor since 2010; that’s a long time coming.

Liverpool entered a 12-year deal with Standard Chartered, and they’re in the last season of the deal. However, Liverpool will be able to negotiate a new deal from 2023 because that is the expiration of the 12 years deal. The deal is worth €47.5 million per season.

Arsenal – Emirates – €47.5 million per season

Arsenal has been in contract with Emirates Airlines for a long time, and it would be hard to imagine an Arsenal shirt with the fly Emirates imprinted on it. They have been with Emirates Airlines since they left Highbury. The deal still has two years before it expires, and it’s worth €47.5 million per season.

Tottenham – AIA- €47.5 million

AIA has been Tottenham’s sponsor since 2013. In 2019, AIA renewed the contract and extended it till 2027. The deal costs about €47.5 million per season.

Bayern Munich – T-Mobile – €45 million

T-Mobile is a phone company, and it has been the shirt sponsor. They signed the contract in 2002. This deal is worth €45 million per season.

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