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Chelsea considering leaving Stamford Bridge

Chelsea are considering leaving Stamford Bridge again.

The idea was first mooted nine years ago when Roman Abramovich owned the club, only for the proposal to be rejected by Hammersmith and Fulham Council at the time.

Now the proposal is set to be revamped, with Todd Boehly wanting to relocate the club to a 40 acre sire in Earls Court, some two miles from the present ground to the East.

The site of the proposed ground was sold to property developers in 2019, but has yet to be developed.

As part of the takeover, Boehly’s consortium agreed to invest some of the money used to buy the club to upgrade Chelsea’s infrastructure.

Options considered include rebuilding the existing stadium stand by stand, knocking it down and starting again, or moving altogether.

Stamford Bridge is one of the oldest football grounds in England, and has been Chelsea’s home since its formation in 1906.

When Abramovich wanted to relocate the club, many fans were opposed to the concept, and many of them will not support this proposal either.

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