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Top quotes on Ricardo Carvalho

Mentioned as one of the best defenders of his generation, Carvalho was a prominent member of both the Portuguese and Chelsea FC football teams in the mid to late 2000s. As the winner of major top flight league titles in both England and Spain, we take a look at some of the top quotes on Ricardo Carvalho.

Together with three Premier Division titles with Porto, he has notched a total of seven league titles in his career, together with the European Championship with Portugal.

Having started his senior career with Porto, Carvalho spent a total of nine seasons combined with both Chelsea and Real Madrid, winning numerous titles under the management of Jose Mourinho at both teams.

An assortment of trophies included three Premier League, one La Liga, and two League Cup triumphs, whilst a Champions League and a UEFA Cup honour came with Porto.

His international football appearances included participation in five major tournaments, including two World Cups, with the Euro 2016 victory being the nation’s first major international championship win.

Primarily known for being in the centre back position, Carvalho was also able to score goals with his aerial abilities against good defenders, and was once compared to the Italian defender Franco Baresi.   

He had problems away from the game towards the end of his playing career, and was most recently the assistant manager at French side Marseille under Andre Villas Boas.

Ricardo Carvalho

“…..his true world-class ability above all his other attributes was his uncanny ability to read the play and see where the danger was likely to develop from. That usually meant winning the ball clean and if someone had to feel the force of the tackle after he won the ball, then so be it.”
Pat Nevin (former Chelsea player)

“With him, everything was natural, we didn’t need to talk during matches. Each of us knew how the other was going to react in the face of difficulties created by the opponent. They’re things that you feel and are difficult to explain.”
John Terry (Chelsea team-mate)

“He proved during Euro 2004 and in the past two seasons with Porto that he is one of the top centre-backs in the game.”
Peter Kenyon (Chelsea chief executive)

“Ricardo Carvalho is a player that fits our profile. We have now filled the last opening at centre-back and we now arrive with four excellent players in this position.”
Jose Mourinho (Chelsea manager)

“Carvalho was…..the best defender at Euro 2004. Carvalho seems to have it all. Great pace, great technique, positionally sound, strong, good in the air and very decent on the ball.”
Alan Hansen (football pundit)

“Quick, good in the air, and with superb technique, comparisons have been made between Carvalho and the legendary Italian defender Franco Baresi.”
BBC Sport

“Carvalho is one of the best central defenders in the world.”
Jose Mourinho

“…..known for his perfect positioning, his foresight and his ability to advance the ball out of the first third.”
Real Madrid (club profile)

“…..Carvalho…..of the best defenders in Europe at the time.”
Gary Neville (former Manchester United player)

“Real offered £7m for Carvalho, but I made a counter-offer: he will not leave Porto for anything less than £20m.”
Jorge Pinto da Costa (Porto president)

“He has been a key player for us since he joined and has been in fantastic form this season. Without doubt he is one of the best central defenders in the world.”
Peter Kenyon

“Carvalho emerged from the shadow to almost single-handedly keep their back-line from falling apart. Chelsea conceded fewer goals in the Premiership than any other side.”
Lewis Rutledge (Sky Sports)

“…..we just struck up a relationship. We complemented each other really well. I knew things were going to go well. Once you play a few games and you train with top players, you realise just how good they are. I knew straight away that we had something very special.”
John Terry

“I thought that Ricardo was one of the best defenders we had ever seen, not just at Chelsea but anywhere.”
Pat Nevin

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