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Best quotes about Sadio Mane

Possibly the best footballer to come out of Senegal, Mane is currently one of the top players at Liverpool FC noted for his wing play and goal scoring abilities. Known for striking the fastest ever hat-trick in the history of the English Premier League, we look at a selection of some of the best quotes about Sadio Mane.

A one time winner of the Premier League Golden Boot and also the African Footballer of the Year award, Mane has so far spent six seasons at Anfield, winning six major trophies.

Born in a small town in Senegal, Mane travelled to the capital city of Dakar, where he developed his skill before moving on to French side Metz and then to Austrian team Red Bull Salzburg.

His time at English side Southampton FC was brief, but it was notable for his amazing hat-trick against Aston Villa in May 2015. Timed at two minutes 56 seconds (176 seconds), Mane struck in the 13th, 14th, and 16th minutes of the game.

His move to Liverpool came in the summer of 2016, as Africa’s most expensive footballer. He soon became a part of a tremendous attacking force also containing the likes of Roberto Firmino, Philippe Coutinho, and Mo Salah. A Champions League honour and a Premier League triumph came along in two consecutive seasons.

For the Senegal national team, he has shown up 89 times, including at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, where he guided the side to their first major title with three goals and a player of the tournament performance.

Sadio Mane

“Sadio Mane is a genuinely impressive player, he’s tireless, playing in every game with such high levels of intensity and concentration. His technical ability goes without saying, he always makes a difference for us…..He’s a complete player.”
Fabinho (Liverpool team-mate)

“…..as far as I’ve known him he never needed any competition to try to be the best version of himself. He played, for a long time, pretty much all the games for us when he was fit and performed on an incredibly high level consistently. That’s it.”
Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool manager)

“…..after the first couple of games, I said Mane, probably along with Raheem Sterling, was possibly the best left winger in the world…..He’s brilliant, he’s always got a smile on his face, always there, always gets knocked about, gets goals, setting others up…..he’s just been getting better and better. He’s just a machine.”
Jamie Carragher (former Liverpool defender)

“Sadio Mane is the new Ronaldo in world football…..As an attacking player he is absolutely fantastic. I can go through all his qualities – and he is superb in every aspect.”
Danny Blind (former Netherlands player)

“He’s our leader…..He scores, but he also does things on the field that no one else does. He can make the difference.”
Samba Ndiaye (football supporter from Dakar)

“He was so sure of himself…..Sadio’s success doesn’t surprise me.”
Mady Toure (Generation Foot academy founder and president)

“You think of Sadio Mane and he is very decisive, controls the ball well, he is a threat all the time for the other team, works hard and all that stuff…..He has worked hard.”
Jurgen Klopp

“His technique, his attacking, his passing were rare for a player of his age…..His first touch is perfect. His control, his speed. It was incredible.”
Patrick Hesse (former Metz assistant coach)

“…..the teams I played in never possibly had, say, a John Barnes, that world-class wide player…..But I think Liverpool have got that now…..If you start comparing people like Sadio Mane to John Barnes then that shows how well he’s doing.”
Jamie Carragher

“I can’t think of a single club anywhere in Europe that wouldn’t want a player like Sadio available to them, so the fact he wants to remain with us says something about where we are currently…..He is a such an important member of our team and squad. He radiates joy and I think this is reflected in his performances and impact on the pitch.”
Jurgen Klopp

“At Liverpool, he’s reached another dimension. He scored at Salzburg, he scored at Southampton, he’s scoring at Liverpool, he scored in the Champions League. He’s still improving. He’s 26. He’s not finished.”
Patrick Hesse

“Mane is unique and cannot be compared to any other Senegal player…..He can make the difference. He’s already one of the best – you can’t say he’s not. He plays for one of the most iconic clubs, one of the best in Europe, and he’s top-notch for them…..He’s absolutely unique because he is so unpredictable, that’s what makes him great.”
Aliou Cisse (Senegal head coach)

“Sadio Mane is better than Neymar and Messi. If he was Brazilian, he would have won the Ballon d’Or…..Our national Sadio Mane is also a great player.”
Mady Toure

“Since I came here I have spoken to the staff a lot about him and have always felt he could be a very good signing for us.”
Jurgen Klopp

“He can give brilliant assists, he is an incredible athlete – and I could go on even more!…..Mane is the super modern player. If you look at his skills that is one great thing.”
Danny Blind

“He was always important, he was always fantastic for us even in his ‘not that good’ moments. That’s real quality. If you are not 100% but still involved in goals that’s really important. Then it will come, if you keep working really hard like he did.”
Jurgen Klopp

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