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Greatest quotes about Mo Salah

Well renowned now for being one of the best and most prominent strikers in the world of football, Mohamed Salah is undeniably the greatest Egyptian soccer player of all-time. As a prolific goal scorer for Liverpool FC, we take a look at some of the contemporary greatest quotes about Mo Salah.

As his country’s most expensive footballer, Salah holds a host of goal scoring records, including the most goals netted during a regular 38-game season in the English Premier League.

From the small village of Nagrig in Egypt, Salah worked his way through the youth ranks, before being signed up by Swiss side FC Basel in 2012. His main goal scoring exploits started off with Italian side Roma with 29 strikes in 65 league matches in his two seasons there.

His first season with Liverpool FC was a memorable one with a record 32 goals in 36 league games, breaking many highest and fastest tally marks along the way.

As of the end of the current 2021/22 season, Salah has recorded 118 league goals in only 180 matches. There have been six trophies picked up during those five seasons.

For Egypt, he has appeared in 84 internationals so far and slotted in 47 times. Twice he has guided the nation to the runners-up spot in the Africa Cup of Nations competition.

Praised and noted for his speed and finishing abilities, Salah has gained a reputation for scoring goals on a regular basis at all levels. As a forward, he has also been utilised as a winger and an attacking midfielder, but can mainly be seen as a central and main striker.

Mo Salah

“He was always ambitious…..He’s a fantastic boy, believe me…..He’s a humble and smart person…..he really is in top shape. He’s fulfiling that huge potential. He’s a fantastic player and he’s also a fantastic person.”
Georg Heitz (former FC Basel sporting director)

“I will never forget what I saw that day on that pitch. We were so impressed. It was freezing cold but he was amazing. He only played the second half but I had never seen a player with so much speed in my entire life.”
Bernhard Heusler (former FC Basel chairman)

“First of all, he won’t score against Chelsea – which is a good thing…..But, speaking seriously…..We had to go for a young player, for a left-footed player and for a fast player – especially who is fast in the space…..Salah is a kind of player that looks for the space and tries to get behind people so we think he was a good choice.”
Jose Mourinho (Chelsea manager)

“Mohamed Salah is a player with vast potential. He is an exciting, swashbuckling winger whose searing pace is his most destructive weapon. He also has an eye for a goal.”
Ben Smith (BBC Sport journalist)

“…..the best Egyptian player in the world right now.”
AS Roma (on website)

“Mohamed has the perfect mix of experience and potential…..he is one of the most important players for his country…..His record in Italy has been outstanding and he possesses qualities that will enhance our team and squad. His pace is incredible, he gives us more attacking threat…..Most important, though, for us, is that he is hungry, willing and eager to be even better and improve further…..He is an ambitious player who wants to win and win at the highest level…..”
Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool manager)

“How do you stop him? It’s tough…..He now has an incredible self-confidence…..Messi is the strongest player I have played against, but now Momo is as feared as the Argentinian.”
Alisson (Liverpool goalkeeper)

“He’s young, he’s fast, he’s creative, he’s enthusiastic. When we analysed him he looks the kind of humble personality on the pitch, ready to work for the team.”
Jose Mourinho (Chelsea manager)

“Egyptian Messi…..”
Italian media

“Salah is an incredible player with a tremendous quality. He looks like Messi.”
Ronaldo (former Brazilian player)

“Mo Salah is a better human being than he is a football player. And he’s one of the best football players in the world.”
John Oliver (English comedian)

“As Egyptian forward and currently both European and World Club champion with Liverpool F.C., Mo Salah is a global star at the peak of his power. We know that fans will love seeing him at the home of celebrity, where he rightly belongs.”
Steve Davies (General Manager, Madame Tussauds, London – wax statue of player)

“Salah is not far away from it…..he looked like an absolutely different level…..I look at him as an outsider and I’m thinking that he is an absolute killer on the pitch…..being the best player in the world rocks their world.”
Gary Neville (former Manchester United player)

“Goals and more goals, assists and more assists…..Added to that, Salah is tireless, driven and stylistically perfect.”
Melissa Reddy (football journalist)

“I don’t think Mo wants to be compared with Lionel Messi…..The last player I know who had the same influence on a team performance was Diego Maradona. But Mo is in a fantastic way, that’s for sure. As it always is in life, if you have to have the skills you have to show that constantly and consistently, and he is very good.”
Jurgen Klopp

“His talent clearly showed from the beginning…..But talent is not everything – Mohamed’s success is also a product of a will of steel, effort and determination.”
Ghamri Abdel-Hameed El-Saadani (El Mokawloon football team coach)

“He has always been very brave…..”
Fady Ashraf (FilGoal, Egyptian website reporter)

“You could see the talent after five minutes on the pitch. Not only was he quick, but he always had his head up…..It was very clear that he was so ambitious…..What I always loved about this player then and it’s still true today, he loves the game. For him, football is still a game.”
Georg Heitz

“I’m really happy to have the opportunity to play alongside him again. As well as being a great player, he is a huge character and a great person – which is the most important thing.”

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