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Greatest quotes about Marcus Rashford

As a major advocate of helping provide free school meals for children during the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK, Rashford has become something of a humanitarian as well as a sporting star. With many plaudits on and off the pitch, we take a look at some of the greatest quotes about Marcus Rashford.

Having struggled whilst growing up in Manchester when young, Rashford has developed into a proficient football player, competing at a high level for both England and Manchester United.

With an impressive record of having scored in several ‘debut’ games, he has so far spent seven seasons at his one and only club. Though successful with an FA Cup and Europa League victory, Rashford is probably better known for his charity and activism work away from the football pitch.

From helping the homeless, schoolchildren, people in poverty, and fighting racism, he has received numerous accolades, as well as an MBE honour in 2020.

His appearances for England has seen him net 12 times in 46 games so far, together with two European Championships and one World Cup finals participation. The latter saw him help England to the semi-finals of the competition in 2018.

When scoring for England on his international debut in 2016, he became the youngest to do so for his country. Two months earlier, he had hit the only goal in his first ‘derby’ match with Manchester City. This had followed a goal on his Premier League debut as well!     

As a striker, he positions himself mostly as a central forward with options to be used on the wing due to his pace and movement.

Marcus Rashford

“Marcus is talented enough…..and driven enough to be a legend at this club.” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

“Marcus is a great lad and very humble.” Paul McGuinness (Manchester United academy coach)

“He’s a very good young player…..he has courage and he’s fast and is very good with the ball.” Ronaldo

“He’s one of the top strikers in England…..we all know what quality he has.” Ralf Rangnick

“He has got a bit of everything. He is quick, he is strong…..” Wayne Rooney

“…..he has that kind of ability. It is a lot to live up to, but he has that in him. He can be a world star.” Paul Scholes

“He is the go-to man for their goals.” Graeme Souness

“…..he’s obviously got a huge talent…..his attitude and he’s learning all the time – and he’s willing to take things on board.” Michael Carrick

“Marcus is a fabulous young talent.” Gary Lineker

“Definitely he can be absolutely top-class.” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

“…..at the age of 21; the potential is enormous…..he will be a top-class player.” Gary Neville

“He has almost everything a modern striker needs. He’s got the pace, skills, he’s got the size and physicality of a striker.” Ralf Rangnick

“He has the sort of principles and moral values that most people hold. He’s clever, passionate and well advised.” Ian Byrne (UK Labour MP)

“…..how he has helped the people in need is a truly amazing achievement…..” Alex Ferguson

“…..we wanted to pay homage to Marcus Rashford given what an inspirational young man he is.” Ed Wellard (after a mural put up in Manchester suburb of Withington)

“The talent was obvious…..It was Marcus’ movement that set him apart. His running was very smooth and elegant…..He was self-driven and curious.” Paul McGuinness

“Rashford played with a real swagger tonight…..The goal was world-class. He’s teasing defenders by the touchline.” Gareth Southgate (England manager after friendly versus Costa Rica)

“Marcus has done remarkable things at a young age and he’s now coming into his best age for a footballer…..He’s learning. He’s getting more and more experience.” Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

“Firstly it’s an amazing achievement – wonderful for him and his family, the recognition…..somebody of his age to be able to make the difference he has is a phenomenal achievement…..You can only marvel at what he’s achieved.” Gareth Southgate (on player receiving an MBE)

“Marcus Rashford is on fire…..he just bullies everyone – he’s too quick and too strong…..He made some defenders, who we were raving about before the game, look like schoolboys.” Rio Ferdinand (after Manchester United game versus RB Leipzig in Champions League)

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