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Best quotes about Phil Neville

As part of the Manchester United football team that won a host of titles in the ‘90s, Phil Neville is well respected as a club and Premier League legend. Known for leading the England women’s football team at the 2019 World Cup, we take a look below at some of the best quotes made about Phil Neville.

From the famous ‘Fergie’s Fledglings’ group of young and promising footballers that came along in the ‘90s, and became future superstars, he is the younger brother of fellow Manchester United legend Gary.

He won a multitude of titles with the ‘Red Devils’ in his 12 years at the club. Despite his work as a head coach now, on the field Neville was a prolific collecter of yellow cards with Manchester United and even got a warning from the Football association.

However, this should not detract from the fact that he won ten major trophies at Old Trafford, including six Premier League titles in eight years. He played just as many league games when he moved to Everton in the summer of 2005, after making lesser appearances for United. There were no major successes at the Merseyside club. He played in 59 internationals for England but never made it to any of the World Cup finals in that time, even though he did appear at the Euros.

After his retirement, he obtained a UEFA Pro Licence which gave him the opportunity to manage any European club in the top tier of their subsequent leagues. He took his chance with the England women’s national team in 2018, and led them to the semi-finals of the World Cup a year later. He has since been approached by his former teammate David Beckham to coach the Inter Miami team in the USA. But things did not start off for him very well at the club.

Phil Neville

“Phil Neville proved what a fantastic person he is….To take a penalty kick (in the shootout) was excellent. Everybody knows his connection to Manchester United.”        Alex Ferguson

“If that lad would have carried on playing cricket he could have been England’s Ricky Ponting or Sachin Tendulkar.”         Andrew Flintoff

“I am really pleased we have got Phil and we will build a brilliant team around him that covers every base.”        Baroness Sue Campbell

“We are delighted to have concluded a deal with a player of Phil’s calibre and vast experience.”     David Moyes

“This was not a decision we wanted to make, but every time I picked the team and Phil’s name was not on the teamsheet, it was very difficult for me.”   Alex Ferguson

“When I was left out of the 1996 FA Cup final, I remember Tracey coming in on the Thursday or Friday laughing because Philip was playing in front of me! And I don’t remember Philip breaking stride to be honest with you.”     Gary Neville

“At Barcelona all men’s and women’s teams have the same style and philosophy….and it’s the same with Phil’s England. It’s the same football language.”        Toni Duggan

“Phil’s always saying we’ve got to be brave. You’ll never be punished for losing the ball because he wants you to keep getting on it.”          Millie Bright

“He’s been a fantastic manager for us and we’ve really loved working with him and we’re blessed to have him for another 12 months.”        Ellen White

“I think that’s cause you’re talking to someone who’s a winner and someone who’s driven to succeed.”          David Moyes

“I know what he’s like, I knew what he was like as a player.…I know what he’s like as a human being. I know what his work ethic is like….Him and his brother Gary, I’ve never seen two players work as hard at their game in my whole career.”        David Beckham

“He was brilliant. I know it’s a big statement, but he was better than Flintoff at the time” Steve Kirby   

“But Phil Neville has an influence at the club that people on the outside don’t see. He’s a terrific captain in that he does everything you’d hope a captain would do, not just on the field but off the field too.”         David Moyes

“Phil was always more talented as a youngster.” Gary Neville

“Phil has been fantastic for us this season – it’s probably his best year with the club.”              Alex Ferguson

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