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Best quotes about Duncan Edwards

One of the toughest and most physically strong midfielders of the era, Edwards was one of the original ‘Busby Babes’ and a legendary name amongst the Manchester United FC faithful. There were several best quotes about Duncan Edwards from players and managers alike.

He is still remembered to this day following the tragic events of the Munich air disaster from which he passed away at the age of 21.

Edwards started his main career at Old Trafford in his youth, having played for several schools whilst living in Dudley. He trained as a carpenter just in case things did not work out but he eventually made his debut aged just 16 years of age to become the youngest footballer ever to play in the top flight of English football. His short career with Manchester United nonetheless brought two First Division titles, two Charity Shield victories, and an appearance in the semi-finals of the European Cup.

Edwards was one of the youngest to represent the England national team in 1955, and despite playing football for United, he still had time to serve for two years in the British Army as part of his National Service scheme. A teetotaller and an advertiser of glucose tablets on television, he ended up playing 151 league games for the Red Devils. Many have admired his greatness and footballing ability during the era in which he played, and some have even suggested that England could well have won the World Cup in 1958 but for the tragic events that occurred in February 1958 following a European Cup game.

Edwards was well commemorated and his legacy still lives on to this day.

Statue of Duncan Edwards

“George Best was something special , as was Pele and Maradona, but in my mind Duncan was much better in terms of all-round ability and skill.”     Tommy Docherty

“When you took Duncan out of the England team, you took half the side away.”     Nat Lofthouse

“Duncan was the best player in the world. He was without side, swagger, airs or graces.”     Matt Busby

“Duncan was a real gentleman.”     Josephine Stott

“Duncan was incomparable.”     Bobby Charlton

“Physically he was enormous. He was strong and had a fantastic football brain.”     Bobby Charlton

“….today seen a 12-year-old schoolboy who merits special watching. His name is Duncan Edwards, of Dudley.”     Jack O’Brien

“He remained an unspoilt boy to the end.”     Jimmy Murphy

“Even at 15 he looked like a man and played like a man.”     Matt Busby

“…..like a rock in a raging sea.”     Stanley Matthews

“It was in the character and spirit of Duncan Edwards that I saw the true revival of British football.”     Walter Winterbottom

“…..he showed promise of fine ability in passing and shooting.”     Manchester Guardian

“He was the only player who made me feel inferior.”     Bobby Charlton

“How could you ever pick Moore, great player though he was, ahead of Duncan?…..Edwards was bigger, quicker and more versatile.”     Terry Venables

“…..there is no doubt in my mind that Duncan would have become the greatest player ever.”     Tommy Docherty

“…..Duncan Edwards was the greatest.”     Bobby Charlton

“I can’t remember any other player that size who was quick like that.”     Stanley Matthews     

“Duncan Edwards has always been in my mind as the best player I ever played with or against.”     Bobby Charlton

“…..big, strong boy, a wonderful, wonderful footballer who would have gone on to be one of the world’s greatest players.”     Alan Hodgkinson

“There will never be another player like him.”     Bobby Moore

“When I used to hear Muhammad Ali proclaim to the world that he was the greatest, I used to smile. You see, the greatest of them all was an English footballer named Duncan Edwards.”     Jimmy Murphy

“When he wanted to he was all flicks and swivels, almost like a conjuror.”     Bill Foulkes

“He is the kind of player managers dream about.”     Don Revie

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