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Front runners to buy Chelsea revealed

Insiders have revealed the front runners to buy Chelsea.

They have been confirmed as the group led by Todd Boehly, the 20% owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. His consortium have long been considered the favourites to acquire the club from Roman Abramovich.

A former wrestler, Boehly has gone on to enjoy a highly successful business career, and is co-founder and chairman of Eldridge Industries. He is also the current interim CEO of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

He also previously led one of the largest collateralised loan obligation transaction in history, effectively using the LA Dodgers money to pay for the loan.

That is the same methodology used by the Glazer family to buy Manchester United, and sees their Premier League club have to make large payments both to service the loan and pay the family in dividends.

That could mean that Chelsea used to spending comparatively freely under Roman Abramovich, may not have as much money to spend in the transfer market if the Boehly bid succeeds.

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