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Abramovich announcement expected by Friday

It is expected to be announced in Friday that Roman Abramovich has bought a new club.

With the Russian oligarch sanctioned by the British government, he has had to put up for sale Chelsea, the club he has owned since 2003.

However, those expecting that would end his involvement in football look like they have been seriously mistaken.

Instead, he is in advanced talks to buy Turkish club Goztepe FC, and confirmation is imminent.

Unlike the erst of Europe, Turkey has not imposed sanctions on those close to the regime of Vladimir Putin, and Abramovich has already relocated two of his super-yachts to the county’s ports, safe from those who might impound them.

It remains to be seen if he plans a similar level of investment in his new club in the same way that he bankrolled Chelsea over the years, having made a loan of £1.5 billion to the West London sale, which will not be repaid as part of the sale process.

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