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Ek prepared to bid again for Arsenal

Swedish billionaire Daniel Ek is prepared to mke a second bi to buy Arsenal.

The 38-year old Swede, founder of the streaming service Spotify, confirmed that hi initial offer of £1.8 billion had been turned down by the current owner Stan Kroenke.

At the time Ek affirmed that he retained his interest in buying the club he claims to have supported since he was a boy, and now he is ready to increase his offer to £2 billion.

The Kroenke family are deeply unpopular with the club’s supporters because of their lack of investment in the team and their hands-off approach, whilst the failed attempt to sign-up for the European Super League further increased the division from the fan base.

Despite that, the Kroenkes have always insisted that they are in in for the long-term and they have no history of selling any of the North American sports franchises that they own, such as the Los Angeles Rams and the Denver Nuggets.

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