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Arsenal consider Guendouzi contract extension

Arsenal are considering giving Matteo Guendouzi a contract extension, even though the French midfielder would appear to have no future oat the club.

The French uinder-21 international spent last season on loan with the Bundesliga club Hertha Berlin having fallen out with manager Mikel Arteta following the Gunners deal at Brighton last June.

Now he is wanted by Ligue 1 Marseille but the French club have made what the Gunners believe to be an unrealistically low offer for Guendouzi with an initial bid of €10 million (£8.6 million)suggested.

One reason why Marseille have been able to low ball the Gunners is that they know he has just one year left on his contract.

Extending his contract by a further year helps protect his value.

It might also be a negotiating ploy, and force Marseille to increase their offer to something the North London club judge more acceptable.

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