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Summer transfer window dates under discussion

The Football Association and the Premier League are debating the dates for the summer transfer window.

That is despite FIFA’s Transfer Matching System publishing a provisional window of June 9th to August 31st.

In 2017 the Premier League voted to close the summer window before the start of the new season, but they reverted to going back to the old system in line with the rest of Europe in February last year.

The pandemic, and the scheduling chaos that brought in  its wake, meant further changes to last year’s dates.

One issue that has yet to be determined is when the 2021-2022 Premier League season will start. Managers and clubs will hoping to avoid the situation seen this campaign where the lack of proper rest for players in the summer and the lack of a pre-season has contributed to the large crop of injuries which some clubs have experienced, defending champions Liverpool being a case in point.

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