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English teams exploring foreign partnership options

In response to the tougher new restrictions they will face on the signing of players from abroad once the post-Brexit regulations come into force on January 1st, a number of English clubs are looking to forge new partnerships with foreign sides.

They are following the lead pf Manchester City, who have nine other clubs within their City Football Group, whilst Chelsea, Leicester and Brighton have also established strategic football alliances.

The move is prompted by the new rules which place much greater emphasis on who their transfer targets play for and with, and how much first-team football they have played.

From January 1st, any foreign player wanting to sign for an English club will need to score a minimum of 15 points before they are eligible to come to the UK, with points wared based on three factors

  • The quality of the selling club;
  • Their league position; and
  • Their progression in Europe.

International appearances and youth and senior level will also be considered.

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