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FIFA reveals drop in transfer spending

FIFA have released figures for the amount of money spent on clubs worldwide on summer transfers, and it has shown a sharp drop due to the pandemic.  The overall number of transfers was also down.

They reveal that US $9.2 billion was spent by clubs worldwide between June 1st and October 5th, the date that most transfer windows closed. That compares to US $5.8 billion last year.

There was also a drop in the number of transfers – 7,424, compared to 9,097, a reduction of 18%. And, when it comes to transfers which involved money changing hands, that dropped even further – down 25% from 1,623 to 1,222.

The European clubs were by far the biggest spenders in the market – they spent in total US $3.78 billion ((96% of the total market).

Leading the way were Premier League clubs who spent US $1.35 billion; they were followed by Serie A (US $544 million); and La Liga (US $487 million).

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