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Bookmaking firms set to stop taking bets on transfers

One of the leading bookmakers in the UK is to stop taking bets on football transfers, and has urged its main rivals to follow suit.

Betway has decided to change its policy in the light of two high profile cases involving former and current England internationals. FA rules prohibit club employees from using insider knowledge that they may have gained to place bets, or encourage others, to wager on transfer movement.

Former Liverpool and Chelsea striker was given a four month ban from the game after a series of bets were placed by family members on a potential transfer when the left Anfield in January 2018.

And England right-back Kieran Trippier has also landed himself in hot water. Although he did not place a bet himself, a number of wagers were placed by friends of his when he was joking with them about possibly moving from Spurs to Atlético Madrid last summer.

He has pleaded his innocence but faces a suspension and a large fine if found guilty.

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