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Revised transfer window under discussion

One of the numerous proposals under discussion within the broad remit of “Project Restart” for resuming the Premier League again is one to change the dates of the summer transfer window.

Normally the transfer window would be open from the start of July until the end of August, but with a lack of clarity as to when the current season will end, and the next one begin, various alternatives have been suggested.

One suggestion is that there should be a shortened window between September 3rd and October 5th.

The proposal is likely to meet significant opposition though, In the first place, players’ agents are likely to press for a much longer window, potentially one running through to January. Equally many clubs will argue that the shortened timeframe does not allow them much time to conclude their transfer business, especially as all attempts to harmonise transfer windows this year have been abandoned with FIFA allowing national associations to choose dates hat best suit their own circumstances.

In any case, the transfer window is expected to be much quieter than normal due to the market uncertainty and financial pressures brought about by the coronavirus crisis.

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