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Clubs could present united front against players

Premier League and Championship clubs are considering joining forces to present a united front, by agreeing an unprecedented “no-poaching” deal, which would see them voluntarily consent not to try to sign players from a rival unhappy about being asked to take a pay cut.

It comes after informal discussions between executives of clubs who believe that a collective approach may be needed to protect themselves against players prompted to demand a move after being forced to accept a salary reduction.

The issue of footballers’ pay has become a toxic one in the UK during the coronavirus crisis. Politicians and clubs have been demanding that they take pay cuts, whilst the players feel they are being singled out from other wealthy groups in society, and that no account has been taken of the lost tax revenues if they agree to salary reductions.

And the point also has been made that many clubs are owned by wealthy individuals who do not seem willing to accept their share of the financial pain.

There must also be a question mark over whether the type of collective agreement proposed by the clubs is legal under English law.

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