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Super agents ready to take on FIFA

An influential group of football agents want to take on FIFA and create an alternative transfer system.

The group, called Football Agents Forum, is led by super-agent Mino Raiolo, whose clients include Paul Pogba and Erling Haaland, and he led a furious attack on the world’s governing body earlier this week which he described as line “a communist dictator who tells people what they have to do at all times”.

Speaking in Switzerland, he accused FIFA of a lack of transparency and of picking and choosing its decisions to suit its own agenda.

Instead he is proposing a self-regulating alternative transfer system for Europe, which would see the agents cooperate with UEFA, and the clubs without any involvement from FIFA in the process whatsoever.   

FAF argues that FIFA’s integrity is fundamentally undermined because it wants to control all elements of football, including the governance, and commercial and legal activities, as well as the playing side, and that the organisation is inherently corrupt.

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