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Premier League plans transfer window changes

Clubs in the Premier League are expected to approve changes to the dates of the summer transfer window at a meeting new month.

It is anticipated that they will adopt a”hybridmodel, whereby, as now, the transfer window closes on the day before the start of the season, but international transfers will be allowed after that.

The transfer window in England used to shut at the end of August, but this was moved to the start of the season because it was felt that the old system disrupted clubs who could not settle on their squads whilst there was still incoming and outgoing business to be done.

However, this has turned out to put them at a disadvantage, making them vulnerable to foreign clubs still looking to buy players after the start of the season because the windows in their leagues do not close for another three weeks or so in some cases. It has also had an inflationary effect on the amount that Premier League teams have had to pay for overseas players, because of the pressure to get deals done before the window shuts.  

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