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Pochettino wants English transfer window moved back

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino wants the English transfer window moved back so that it is in alignment with the rest of Europe again.

For the second successive season, clubs in the Premier League and Championship voted to close their window before the start of the domestic season, more than three weeks before most clubs in Europe, whose own deadline is September 2nd.

However, that puts English clubs vulnerable to losing players late in the summer, with European sides able to cherry-pick stars without Premier League able to sign replacements for them before January.

Pochettino is worried that Spurs could lose one, or all, of Christian Eriksen, Toby Alderweireld, or Jan Vertonghen, in the next two weeks, all of whom are now in the final year of their contracts and hopes the chairmen of English clubs will see sense. He said “I hope that we fix the problem for the next season. I think we need to go back and operate in the same way that they operate in Europe because I think it’s massive when you go to compete in the Europa League or Champions League.”

To make the change back again, two-thirds of the twenty Premier League clubs will have to agree to it.

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