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Fresh twist in Sala transfer saga

The ongoing drama and controversy surrounding the ill-fated transfer of Emiliano Sala has taken a fresh twist.

That is after Cardiff City are set to claim that the deal finalising his move from French side Nantes is not legally binding.

The Argentine striker tragically died when the light aircraft in which he was a passenger crashed in the English Channel whilst he was en route to Cardiff from Nantes.

Now, according to the BBC, Cardiff are claiming that the deal was null and void, because he was not properly registered as a premier league player at the time of his death. For their part, Nantes maintain that all the required paperwork was submitted in time, and are demanding that Cardiff present their evidence to FIFA.

It is the latest episode of a tale that has become increasingly complicated and bitter since Sala’s plane crashed on 21st January.

At the heart of the dispute is the transfer fee of £18 million, and whether Cardiff are required to pay for somebody who never got the chance to play for them. For the moment, they have refused to make any interim payments while the matter is resolved.

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