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Everton handed two year ban on signing academy players

Everton have been handed a 2 year ban on signing academy players after admitting lying to a Premier League enquiry and tapping-up seven schoolboys. 

They have also been fined £500,000 for breaches of the rules when it comes to the transfer of minors and have been forced to issue a formal apology for their actions.

The enquiry was initiated, as reported by The Daily Telegraph, after a letter was sent to the Premier League, detailing accusations of an illegal approach by Everton’s head of academy recruitment, Martin Waldron, for a schoolboy who now plays for Manchester United.

Everton admitted the charge as well as owning-up to six other instances, and have since suspended Waldron, as they conduct an internal probe.

The case shines a light, yet again, on some of the murky practices employed by some clubs when it comes to recruiting young talent, with often illegal financial incentives offered to schoolboys and their families to switch their allegiance from one Academy to another, without proper compensation being offered.

Everton are not the only club in the dock though. Both Liverpool and Manchester City have been given similar bans in recent months.

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