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FIFA plans loan deal restrictions

FIFA is planning to introduce restrictions governing the amount of players that a club can send out of loan each season.

That is according to The BBC who say that football’s governing body want to introduce quotas in order to stop club’s stockpiling talent, and in order to bolster youth development.

The proposals, if passed, will have a major impact on Premier League clubs, with the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City each with more than 20 players on loan; even teams like Newcastle and Wolves are making extensive use of the system at the moment. The most extreme example is Chelsea, who have no fewer than 40 of their players wearing the colours of other teams at present.

For their part Chelsea have previously argued that their loan policy is driven not by commerce but by the desire to see players get the chance to play first team football and develop.

FIFA, who want to restrict the number of loans to six per club per season, have yet to reach agreement with the game’s other major stakeholders – the clubs, the Leagues, and representatives of the players – what the limit should be.

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