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Club Manager 2019: A game made by equals but with no equal

They say that pressure makes diamonds, but rough diamonds are more often than not mistaken for worthless pebbles. From Gerard Pique to Jerome Boateng, Mohamed Salah to Kevin De Bruyne, footballers who were precipitously considered as flops have gone on to become household names in the game; establishing themselves as some of the best there is in their positions.

Although players often fall victim to the harshest of criticisms, how they express themselves on the pitch has everything to do with their willingness to conform to the intricacies and nuances of their manager’s tactical approach.

The manager plays the most central role in the team, and as such acts as a focal point for players to express themselves. This certainly explains why every team inescapably becomes a reflection of their manager’s vivacity and personal panache.

Although not everyone is lucky enough to experience the full swirl of emotions that comes with being a football manager, Club Manager 2019 presents you with an opportunity to become the manager of your most enamored team – albeit through an in-game experience. It is available on PC, Android and iOS.

The game has been designed with a simple yet highly comprehensive UI that makes it a true pick-up-and-play experience; one that will not only reward you for your efforts, but also challenge you in your pursuit of glory.

As the gaffer, you will be at liberty to play a number matches across various leagues, with the onus all on you to make any necessary tactical adjustments in your team. You will also be in charge of managing the club’s finances, besides scouting for key transfer targets with the ultimate goal of clinching leagues and cup competitions in a fairytale spell that will in turn cement your team in the rich annals of history.

A rousing atmosphere forms an intricate part of home games and you should as such endeavor to elevate the status of your club by increasing the stadium capacity. Other than the obvious fact that a bigger stadium will create a strong, intimidating presence, you will further be awarded with financial bonuses for every home game.

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