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Park Ji-sung quotes: Best Quotes about Park Ji-sung

Park Ji-sung                       Picture source: Gordon Flood

“Even [Sir Alex] Ferguson, the purple-nosed manager who turned Manchester United into a fearsome battleship, couldn’t resist the temptation. He’s essentially a man without blemish, but he ruined that purity just for a moment when it came to me. A fleeting shabbiness came over the legend that night. On one of the many occasions when our paths crossed during my time at Milan, he unleashed Park Ji-sung to shadow me. The midfielder must have been the first nuclear-powered South Korean in history, in the sense that he rushed about the pitch at the speed of an electron.”

– Andrea Pirlo said about Ji Sung Park, in his autobiography, ‘I Think Therefore I Play’

“He’s a real players’ player. Up there with best in world for movement, and so intelligent and direct with runs off the ball. His work-rate is unreal, he adds a dimension no other player brings to the team. He’s underrated, a real top player.”

– Rio Ferdinand’s quotes about Park Ji-sung

“The great thing about Ji-sung Park is he’s one of the best professionals we’ve had here. He was truly fantastic, and particularly in big games. I loved playing him in the big games. His record against Arsenal, for instance, was fantastic. The Milan games over there and at Old Trafford, when I asked Park to play directly against [Andrea] Pirlo, are memorable. He never gave Pirlo a kick and he kept running off him which was brilliant too. Park had roles that only a disciplined and selfless player could have. That’s exactly what Ji-sung was, selfless. He played for the team and whatever role you gave him, he would stick to that role. So he was a really wonderful, disciplined professional for us.”

Sir Alex Ferguson quotes on Ji-sung Park

“Ji doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He makes a lot of runs. He’s like a little whippet and just keeps going!”

– Wayne Rooney’s Park Ji-sung quotes

“Not one of his team-mates underestimate his quality. In training, he is a nightmare. He runs through all the time, a bit like Freddie Ljungberg has done for Arsenal over the years. He’ll be a snip at the money we paid for him as somebody who can play left or right and work up and down all day.”

Gary Neville quotes on Park Ji-sung

“He is a hard worker who balances out the more creative players. He’s not a top scorer but can fight for the team.

– Avram Grant’s Park Ji-sung quotes

 “People were surprised I took him to Europe. He does dirty work for the bigger stars. I appreciate those people, always. His skills? He is tireless, can go for 90 minutes, he’s a smart player and is very determined.”

– Guus Hiddink quotes on Park Ji-sung

“I think he has made his name at Eindhoven first and in the Champions League has convinced. When you play against him, he’s a very hard working player who sacrifices for the team but as well has good skill and scores important goals, unfortunately, against us. I’m convinced by his quality. He has a top level attitude.”

– Arsene Wenger quotes about Park Ji-sung

“The lads in the changing-room sometimes sit and laugh at the amount of work Ji gets through, because it’s just ridiculous. We just want to know what he eats pre-match and at home. He must have a different diet to all of us because the way he runs and the energy he’s got is phenomenal. It’s great to see and have as a part of your team. He’s definitely an unsung hero. Ji scores goals in big games. The manager just seems to pick him all the time in the big games and he just delivers. He doesn’t get all the headlines but he’s appreciated by his team-mates.”

– Rio Ferdinand’s Park Ji-sung quotes

“I remember him as a big-game player. When the big games came around, against the likes of Arsenal and the big Champions League sides, he always stepped up to the plate. He was a great team-mate and a real humble lad in the dressing room. He just went about his job diligently.

“For such a big star in Asia – and he really is a superstar there – he never acted that way at all. He was always professional and a great player. I’d say he was an underrated player, too. People talk about his work-rate but technically he was very good as well. He could use his left and his right foot, he received the ball very well, he was strong and was the ultimate team player. He would sacrifice himself for the greater good of the team. The more players you have on your side like Ji-sung Park the more chance you have of being successful.

– Darren Fletcher quotes about Park Ji-sung

“A real players’ player who was an absolute pleasure to play with. Probably didn’t get enough credit for what he brought to the team and for what he brought to the squad. Scored some vital goals in massive games. I just really enjoyed playing with him.”

Michael Carrick quotes about Park Ji-sung

“Ji’s unbelievable. I was just laughing when I was watching the game when he was running, because it was unbelievable. It must be the Korean food. I try to do the same, sometimes I go to his house and eat the same food. But [seriously] I think Ji is an example to every player. He runs for everyone. Sometimes if I’m tired I know I’ll be okay because Ji will run for me. I think he’s one of the most important players in the team because he doesn’t stop running, he can run all day.

– Patrice Evra on his friend Park Ji-sung

“This is only the beginning for me. But Park Ji-sung is the best player Asia has ever produced – there’s no doubt about that.

– Shinji Kagawa said about his compatriot Park Ji-sung

“Park, a midfielder for Manchester United and probably the best professional Asian player, has become an icon in his home country”

Sir Bobby Charlton‘s Park Ji-sung quotes

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