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Denis Irwin quotes: Best Quotes on Denis Irwin

denis irwin quotes

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Denis Irwin is regarded as the best full-back in the history of Manchester United. The Irish defender was part of one of the most successful club team of all-time. Denis was respected and admired by his colleagues of club and country and he also holds a very good reputation among his opponents. Here are a few quotes on Denis Irwin

“Honestly, I would say Denis Irwin would be the one certainty to get in the team. I called him an ‘eight out of 10’. At Highbury in one game, he had a bad pass back in the last minute and [Dennis] Bergkamp came in and scored. After the game the press said: ‘You must be disappointed in that pass back.’ I said: ‘Well, one mistake in 10 years isn’t bad. He was an unbelievable player.”

Sir Alex Ferguson claimed that Denis Irwin was the only name he would not hesitate to include in his all-time Manchester United XI. That’s how good Denis Irwin was for Manchester United.

“I rate him as one of the best players I ever played with.”

– Peter Schmeichel quotes on Denis Irwin

“In any team of the decade, the full-back slots are already nailed down – Denis Irwin at right-back and Denis Irwin at left-back. Could play on either side as full-back and Manchester United man was one of the most consistent and reliable defenders I have witnessed.”

– Alan Hansen’s Denis Irwin quotes

“There are certain types of players who give managers headaches and I’ve come across a few in my time in the Ireland job. Denis, though, is a manager’s dream, a class act, a nice guy and a player you could always bank on to come up trumps..”

– Jack Charlton quotes on Denis Irwin

“I’d just go for Denis [in his all-time Manchester United XI] because he was so consistent and he scored goals from penalties, free-kicks and open play and could also play with both feet. He was perfect, in other words.

– Ryan Giggs said while including Irwin in his all-time Manchester United XI

“I would put in Denis Irwin at right back. He was Mr Dependable. You really could rely on Denis game in, game out. He hardly put a foot wrong.”

Gary Neville said while including Irwin in his all-time Manchester United XI

“Denis hated losing. Like most good players, I suppose, he hated losing. He’d get cranky and have to be left alone for a while.”

– John Keane, a colleague on the Everton schoolboys’ team who was also scouted by several English clubs. “

“One player I always admired was Manchester United’s Denis Irwin. I attended Irwin’s testimonial dinner. Jack Charlton brought the house down there with his unconventional tribute to Denis. Jack said, “Denis was the consummate professional: the best full-back to play for Manchester United, the best full-back to play for the Republic of Ireland, he was always our most consistent player, he never made mistakes, he never gave the ball away, he was always on time for training, always first on the bus for training, he never made mistakes, he never gave the ball away, he was always on time for training, always first on the bus for training, he never let you down or ever caused a problem. What a boring f**king bastard!”

– Mick Quinn’s Denis Irwin quotes

“Nobody touches Denis Irwin at left-back.”

– Kenny Cunningham on Denis Irwin quotes

“Denis is the best full-back I’ve ever played with – the best of a generation in that position.”

– Kevin Kilbane quotes about Denis Irwin

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